packet-o-matic NG(aka pom-ng)

real time network forensics


pom-ng is a real time network forensic tool. It parses network traffic into events and payloads which can then be logged, saved or anything else you might imagine.


All the documentation can be found on the wiki.
Quick links : Installation, Getting started.


You can join the IRC channel #pom-ng on Libera.Chat.

You can also contact me directly via email at Any comment, suggestion or feature request is highly appreciated.


You can download the sources in the download directory. The source code is also available on github.

You can clone the sources using

git clone git://
git clone git://
git clone git://


If you like this software and want to contribute, feel free to donate using the following bitcoin address : 17YKJwJGcNs9RoemrHcqn35GeF8yrWYfTL

Or this button :

Previous version

If you are looking for the old packet-o-matic version. The old home page is still available as well as the wiki content.